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Today is the day.

On this day, 50 years ago to the day...a legend was born. Today is the day the mad man with a magic blue box graced our televisions and firmly cemented himself into the hearts of many.

Including one very special alien.

The outside of AL's house is abuzz with activity. Large tables have been set out and covered with blue tablecloths and a giant banner hangs in midair proclaiming 50 YEARS OF TIME TRAVEL in sparkling gold letters. There is a whole separate table for food: there are the traditional snacks of pretzels, potato chips in various flavors, popcorn in various flavors, dips (onion, veggie and spinach), bread, crackers and cheese. There are also Dalek-shaped cupcakes, gingerbread Cybermen, little cakes with edible ball bearings, and fish fingers and custard. There are several sheet cakes and giant showpieces featuring the TARDIS and the entire cast of Doctor Who over 50 years.

Speaking of the TARDIS, there are thirteen of them sitting in a neat line along AL's house. The amount of people milling about the area is far too many to count and the reason this party is being held outside rather than in the house.

Today is the day we celebrate the Doctor. Every incarnation of the Time Lord is here, from One to Twelve (who is currently attired in the outfit his actor wore when he was announced in the roll). And, in light of the recent episode, the War Doctor is also present. Also around is, well, practically everyone who has ever been in the show, companions and side-characters. And four K9s.

Playing hostess of course is AL herself, mingling around everyone and making small talk. She smiles at the two unicorns watching the festivities because it's Tempest and Mistral who are ensuring a nice, sunny and warm day for this party (much better than the windy, sunny and freezing cold day it really is on Earth). The other guys are there, too, but this day is about the Doctors.

So, come and celebrate the Day of the Doctor. All are welcome.

Date: 2013-11-24 03:26 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (NonTrilogy Doc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
As if you didn't have enough people at this party, suddenly there's a group of 8 other time travelers! Plus one young Victorian man who feels like he's rather out of place at this event. NonTrilogy Doc waves to AL as the others take a look around. "Hey! Happy Anniversary!"

"You certainly went all-out," OckDoc notes as Tommy snags a gingerbread Cyberman, before grinning. "On the other hand, 50 years is nothing to sneeze at!"

Date: 2013-11-24 04:48 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (HatterDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Now how could we miss this?" HatterDoc says, hugging her back. "You know how I am about parties!" He whips off his top hat and extracts a long-legged teapot. "I even brought extra refreshments!"

The other Docs chuckle as she talks about getting everyone together. "Yes, I'm sure it took a lot of preplanning on your part to make sure no one was taken from a potentially important event," VampDoc nods. "But it seems to have been well worth it. And the music sounds wonderful." The Doctor Who score is indeed a work of art -- up there with Alan Silvestri's stuff, in his opinion.

TeenDoc snickers. "One day is about all you guys can stand, huh?"

Date: 2013-11-25 04:50 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (VampDoc2)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
The boys all look over. "Oh, I see," HatterDoc comments, setting the teapot down so it can wander. "Good thinking. Can't have the cold ruining your party!"

"If you need any help tweaking them, I'm sure Clockwork would be happy to lend a hand," VampDoc2 says with a smile. "Not surprised you kept the more depressing ones out of the playlist. Save the sadness for another day, just like the cold weather."

"What close quarters living will do to a person," is NonTrilogy Doc's opinion on that. "Though I'm not sure any of us can really speak about that. We tend to get along more often than not."

Date: 2013-11-26 01:00 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (Tie-Twister Victor)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"I think our journal is the only one that's approved for entry at the moment anyway," VampDoc2 notes. "They'll probably drop by later just to say hello."

Tie-Twister manages a smile. "Sorry, I just -- it's funny. I feel like the odd man out because I'm NOT an alternate or regeneration of someone else here. And I'm not from a fandom that involves time travel."

Date: 2013-11-27 02:07 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (Tie-Twister Victor)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Precisely," VampDoc agrees. "Yes, perhaps you are a bit of the odd man out, but that doesn't mean that we appreciate your presence any less." With a small chuckle, he adds, "Just think of yourself as one of our Companions."

Tie-Twister smiles back at all the warmth and companionship coming off the others. "Thank you. It does mean a lot to me. Even if I do think Butterfly Boy should have come along first," he chuckles.

"Oh, he'll probably drop by soon enough," DocWolf says. "And have his Doc with him for good measure."

Date: 2013-11-28 12:43 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (TeenDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Hard to forget," TeenDoc says as a few of his other selves chuckle. "What's the 50th anniversary done to help explain that?"

The group does their best to follow the explanation -- there's a few quiet whistles as she talks about all thirteen Doctors playing a part in saving Gallifrey, and the meeting of multiple selves. "I hate to say it, if only because I know both Clockwork and Forgotten Vows would give me looks, but -- being amnesia-prone in this instance might be a bit of a blessing," VampDoc2 admits, rubbing the back of his head. "The sheer build-up of intersecting memories otherwise. . ."

TeenDoc frowns. "So -- wait. There's an incarnation between Eight and Nine, but -- he's not Nine because the Doctor considers him more of a warrior -- but he IS an incarnation. He IS technically the Doctor."

"Don't think about it too hard, kid," DocWolf counsels, patting his shoulder. "It's his regenerations, he can number them however he wants. And I don't doubt they'll find a way past the 'thirteen regenerations' business, if only because the show's too popular."

Date: 2013-11-28 03:28 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (TeenDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
There's a long moment of silence after AL makes explicitly clear what destroying Galifrey and the Daleks truly cost. "I see," TeenDoc says quietly. "I -- I guess I can't blame them for not wanting to think of someone like that as -- them. I'm very glad they got to take a third option and save the planet. Though how on earth did he forget? Regeneration trauma, or. . . ?"

"It certainly sounds like an appropriate Christmas special plot," DocWolf comments. "The search for a lost home. Though it could make a decent starting arc for Twelve, whenever he takes over."

Date: 2013-11-28 06:07 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (OckDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Well, having time streams out of sync would play havoc with anyone's memory," TeenDoc says. "I'm just glad it didn't do any permanent damage to the universe. Out of curiosity, have those Reapers ever shown up in an episode outside of the one with Rose's father?"

"Sounds like they could be appearing in the Christmas special, considering it seems they're throwing in everything but the kitchen sink," OckDoc notes, the tentacles buzzing with laughter. "I guess we'll figure out what's going on with all of that when Christmas actually comes around."

"We look forward to what sort of 'thing' his previous appearance will be," Jules adds.

"Eh, they're probably just gonna say he had to dress up in disguise for some reason," Albert says, hunching up his tentacle in a sort of shrug.

Date: 2013-11-29 03:28 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (DocWolf)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Oh right -- they did switch head writers after Nine, didn't they?" TeenDoc says thoughtfully.

"Oh, I'm sure they'll drag it out as long as they feel they can," DocWolf jokes, as a few other familiar faces appear on the scene. "Ah, here's some of the others! Hello folks!"

"Hello!" Clockwork waves to his alternates, then to Lisa and the others. He's trailed by the rest of the RP group, plus Secundus Doc. "How are things?"

Date: 2013-11-29 05:18 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (TeenDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Oh, my mistake," TeenDoc says. "Sorry, but we just don't follow the show as closely as you. Though it's good that the writers are still so close! Probably helps in countering continuity errors."

Clockwork laughs at the glomping, then waves at Tempest and Mistral. "Well, we couldn't exactly not show up, right? Big event, this! 50 years. . . Great Scott."

Date: 2013-11-30 01:28 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (Tie-Twister Victor)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Any time travel show and 'continuity' probably don't go well together," Tommy jokes as the other tentacles chuckle. "Having a time machine means you can retcon whatever you like!"

"It's probably more just an issue with long runners," Forgotten Vows comments, smiling. "From Vic's research, I've learned both that the 'Dragonriders of Pern' series is 22 books long -- not including other material -- and that at least two people have suffered names changes and someone else's dragon has gone through two, possibly three, colors." He shakes his head. "I think that's partially why Vic keeps her focus on the fire lizards." His own fire lizard lets out a agreeing whirr from his shoulder.

"You're welcome," Clockwork says. "Quite the ride indeed. . .and things aren't over yet, not by a longshot."

Date: 2013-11-30 02:13 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (VampDoc2)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Yes -- even the official guide to the universe is apparently riddled with errors," Forgotten Vows says, shaking his head. "Fire lizards are information overload enough, I assure you." Moonlight rumbles happily as he gets his attention -- ah, this really is the life.

"You always do, it seems," Clockwork notes, nodding in River's direction. "But here's hoping you end up with another Doctor you adore more than anything."

"The same," VampDoc2 echoes. "You seem to be on a good streak of loving them all -- would be a shame to ruin it."

Date: 2013-11-30 03:01 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (VampDoc2)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
Forgotten Vows chuckles at Moonlight as well. "He's such an attention hog sometimes," he says, though he gives the fire lizard a few pets too. Moonlight rumbles more and nuzzles him. "Yes, yes, I love you too. . ."

"The dangers of working with a character before you know their full history," Forgotten says, in a way that suggests he knows what he's talking about. And, ah, he does. (On the other hand, me RPing you is what got me to write out your backstory, so you can't complain too much.)

"I was talking mostly about the current 'New Who' doctors, but that's a history I didn't know before," VampDoc2 admits, intrigued. "So the first was a mentor, the next three friends, the fifth a beloved, the sixth and seventh back to friendship due to the massive change, then from eighth onward back to unrestrained love. Interesting."

Date: 2013-11-30 03:48 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (TeenDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"The dice -- or random number generator -- was very kind to me that day," Forgotten Vows agrees.

"Huh," VampDoc2 says. "Interesting. Twelve incarnations to figure out a term of endearment for her?" he adds, lightly kidding the Doctors. "Or, actually, thirteen. . ."

"Thirteen and a half if you count the Watcher," TeenDoc speaks up, index finger raised. "Although that does set a precedent for there being regenerations and alternate forms of the Doctor that 'don't count' as the Doctor."

Date: 2013-12-01 02:02 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (RolePlayDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Do you?" Forgotten Vows and Moonlight both peer curiously at the pictures. Moonlight's eyes take on a brief purple tint as he lets out a puzzled chirrup. "No, I think he was born like that -- he's like a wyvern," Forgotten Vows explains. "They don't have front legs. Moonlight thought he'd been hurt," he explains to Lisa. "He and I have an empathic bond as well. He can't really talk to me, but he can send pictures, and between those and his feelings I can generally puzzle out his meaning." He smiles at the image of Future!AL with Rising Fog on her arm. "He's a lovely creature -- I'm a little sorry I can't meet him in person."

"I suppose sharing a telepathic bond with the woman you love makes endearments not strictly necessary," RolePlay Doc speaks up, chuckling.

TeenDoc nods as Lisa goes over the list. "So, there's the Watcher, who merged into Four during regeneration to create Five. . .the MetaCrisis, who is kind of the opposite in that he's a split-off version resulting from extra regeneration energy. . .Donna, which is apparently a terrible can of worms. . .the War Doctor, which we just discussed. . .and the ability to shift back to old forms?" He shakes his head. "Impossible to keep up, really."

"And I think Vic's said something about the Valeyard being some form or offshoot of the Doctor as well," RPD adds. "I think it's easier if you just consider the forms who consider THEMSELVES the Doctor -- well, the Doctor. Their numbering system should take precedence over all others."

Date: 2013-12-01 04:31 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (TeenDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
Moonlight trills, his eyes changing to a happy light blue. "Yes, yes, you can play if he wants to," Victor says with a laugh. "I'm Moonlight's permanent translator -- Impression only works with one person. Though it's pretty easy to tell his mood. And I'm sure natural telepaths would be able to interpret him the same way I do."

RolePlayDoc grins. "Glad to have summed it up so well!"

"Doctor, you really have to stop letting parts of yourself escape and turn into their own people to cause trouble," TeenDoc jokes. "Hopefully he won't show up, or make life with Twelve too difficult if he does. We want you to continue having happy adventures with your Doctor as well."

Date: 2013-12-01 05:32 am (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (OckDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
"Thought so," Victor says, as Moonlight lets off lots of warm happy feelings.

HatterDoc looks thoughtful. "That seems to be a theme in the newer series, isn't it? Didn't Nine into Ten and Ten into Eleven happen on Christmas as well?"

"I think so," OckDoc nods. "Well, we'll see when it happens, I suppose. Your alter ego surely won't leave us in the dark." He winces. "August? Oh dear. Quite the drought, then."

Date: 2013-12-01 10:52 pm (UTC)
8docs_n_1victor: (VampDoc)
From: [personal profile] 8docs_n_1victor
Moonlight, fortunately, doesn't take any offense and will simply accept the extra petting, rumbling in a way that suggests a purr. Forgotten Vows chuckles. "Right, right. Greedy little thing," he teases the fire lizard, who just wraps his long forked tail around his shoulders.

"Oh." HatterDoc tilts his hat down, looking a bit embarrassed. "I thought he mentioned Christmas at some point. . .but well, time machine. . ."

"I bet him mentioning Christmas was to explain him showing up next in the Christmas special," VampDoc says. "And yes, nothing you can do about that, sadly. You'll just have to dredge up some reserves of patience."


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