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Today is the day.

On this day, 50 years ago to the day...a legend was born. Today is the day the mad man with a magic blue box graced our televisions and firmly cemented himself into the hearts of many.

Including one very special alien.

The outside of AL's house is abuzz with activity. Large tables have been set out and covered with blue tablecloths and a giant banner hangs in midair proclaiming 50 YEARS OF TIME TRAVEL in sparkling gold letters. There is a whole separate table for food: there are the traditional snacks of pretzels, potato chips in various flavors, popcorn in various flavors, dips (onion, veggie and spinach), bread, crackers and cheese. There are also Dalek-shaped cupcakes, gingerbread Cybermen, little cakes with edible ball bearings, and fish fingers and custard. There are several sheet cakes and giant showpieces featuring the TARDIS and the entire cast of Doctor Who over 50 years.

Speaking of the TARDIS, there are thirteen of them sitting in a neat line along AL's house. The amount of people milling about the area is far too many to count and the reason this party is being held outside rather than in the house.

Today is the day we celebrate the Doctor. Every incarnation of the Time Lord is here, from One to Twelve (who is currently attired in the outfit his actor wore when he was announced in the roll). And, in light of the recent episode, the War Doctor is also present. Also around is, well, practically everyone who has ever been in the show, companions and side-characters. And four K9s.

Playing hostess of course is AL herself, mingling around everyone and making small talk. She smiles at the two unicorns watching the festivities because it's Tempest and Mistral who are ensuring a nice, sunny and warm day for this party (much better than the windy, sunny and freezing cold day it really is on Earth). The other guys are there, too, but this day is about the Doctors.

So, come and celebrate the Day of the Doctor. All are welcome.


Nov. 15th, 2013 10:08 pm
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This is a test entry so I can figure Dreamwidth communities out. Be patient!


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