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AL chuckles. "He's so sweet."

She just nods at Forgotten Vows, then answers VampDoc2. "Yeah, it's something the alter ego figured out when she wrote out that '50 Facts' list. The only reason I would call it more 'restrained' than 'unrestrained' because our gestures of affection were always very subdued more or less. I mean, we'd hold hands and hug more often than we'd kiss. I mean we have...that's how the link gets formed, after all, but the very first gesture of affection that wasn't a hug he ever showed towards me was when he was Four before the regeneration. He'd caress my cheek with the backs of his fingers." She demonstrates on herself. "The Watcher did it after he did and every subsequent incarnation thereafter. Six after we patched things up, Seven whenever he needed to say something Very Serious and Meaningful. And so on." She looks around. "The alter ego's got this idea in her head that Twelve over there will be the very first incarnation of the Doctor that will ever use a term of endearment for me but we'll see on that. Personally, I hope so, because of the way she thinks it comes out." She eyes him. "She wrote out this story scene where I ask him if he still loves me - "

"And," says Twelve, speaking up for the first time, "my reply will be 'Oh, darling, of course I do. I've never stopped. There were just times I had difficulty expressing it'."

AL smiles and nods. "Though, granted, asking is silly. I knew the answer already. But oftentimes it's nice to hear." She slips her hand into his. "Again, here's hoping the relationship continues. Otherwise the alter ego has a lot of work to do."
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