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Website:Welcome to Alnilam
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Community description:Community for <lj user="gigs_83">'s RP characters and whomever else wants to drop by
[personal profile] alienlisa: Welcome to my home planet! I've decided to open the Gates to give access to anyone who wants to visit me or the guys or the unicorns (just, guys, be very careful when coming through the Gates that you try and avoid Woodhorn and Janis Thorn...or call ahead and I'll have someone meet you). Here's the place for those "serious" discussions that crop up in the Inkwell during birthday parties, where they really have no place being, you know? And it's not all seriousness! There's always room for fun!

On Alnilam, there are several points of interest. The first thing you may notice is that all the vegetation is multicolored. Grass is not only green, but mostly every color in the spectrum. Water is silvery and yet so clear you can see down to the bottom of most bodies of water. Even the animals known to the planet Earth have different hues to them. And then there are the places one can go.

First of all, there's my house in the small meadow, where I have a fully stocked kitchen, a game room and library upstairs with every game - video and otherwise - and book you can imagine and a weight room in the basement. It's mostly where the guys and I hang out. You're welcome to anything and everything. Be wary of strange noises coming from the Doctor's TARDIS on the side of the house...they like to tinker.

Next is the forest. Please try and stay on the paths when traveling through so as to avoid Woodhorn who patrols the Gates and Janis Thorn who is just very territorial. There are many animals and other creatures that live in the forest that aren't as moody as Woodhorn and Janis Thorn; you're welcome to come and say hello.

After that is the large meadow where the unicorns live. Any number of them are ready and willing to meet someone new. If you need a list of who lives there, it's here (while it lists everyone's names, the biographies are far from complete, but it's something).

One would come to the jungle next. More creatures live there but you'll also find a forbidden area walled off with a powerful force field. No one's allowed in there. Why? Wouldn't you like to know...

Lastly is the beach where one would find the mernicorn Atlantis in the warm weather. Have a swim!

Alnilam also has deserts, valleys, plateaus and mountains. And at least one volcano somewhere. Visit if you want, but always be wary.
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