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"Yes," AL says to Forgotten Vows, "it was. Actually, I never told you this but a future me has something similar. He's called a Kinsellan flit and he resembles a dragon but he's not. His name is Rising Fog, but his nickname is Jamie and I'm the only one allowed to call him that." She pauses. "Three guesses as to where I got that name and the first two don't count." She giggles, then rummages around hammerspace for a picture. "That's him. The symbols on that band on his leg represent my initials. He's an Empath and he speaks using telepathy. Hard to say how big he is...hang on..." She searches hammerspace again for another picture. "Dunno where my glasses went when that was taken, but there you get an idea of how big he is. He generally shows up in the stories when and after I'm on the Enterprise because I got him way, way later on. That's why he's not here."

The Doctors blush. "I didn't feel I needed one," defends Eleven. "Not at the time."

AL pats his hand. "Maybe it took this long to find the right one, eh?" She chuckles. "Well if you want to get confused we have a few alternates and things to take into consideration." She starts counting on her fingers, causing the drink she was holding to float in midair. "The Watcher I suppose could be considered Four-and-a-half. He helped with the regeneration into Five by merging with Four. But then you have Ten being shot by the Dalek and siphoning off his regeneration energy into his spare hand, creating the MetaCrisis Doctor. That's the whole situation with Donna we don't talk about as you may or may not know. And at the end of the 50th..." Her eyes light up. "It's implied that the Doctor will revisit his old faces...just the favorites; here's hoping Five is on that list. We see Four...aged and working as the Curator for the National Gallery in London...appointed by Queen Elizabeth the First herself." She takes her drink back. "We could be up to Fourteen or Fifteen or whatever...I'll stick with my own numbering until screen-confirmation. I mean, Clara herself said that Eleven there is the Eleventh Doctor, so that's what I'm sticking with." She nods and sips her drink.
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