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AL makes kind of an o_O face. "I bet," she says, then smiles at Moonlight's reaction.

She gives a side-eye to River. "Yeah. Well, as the alter ego would say, 'I reject your canon and substitute my own'. I already adore him and only his eyes have appeared on screen so far, so I'd hate to have things go south."

"Actually," she says, "technically, the relationship started out as me looking to him like more of a mentor. One actually didn't want me on the TARDIS in the first place, but Susan talked him into it. He had a change of hearts after a while. And with Two, Jamie was around so he's where all my affection went to, but we started to become friends. Three and Four I was closer friends to, but Four knew we'd fall in love when he met the Watcher near the end of that life. The Watcher was a version of the Fifth Doctor that, due to the catastrophe that was about to be unleashed on the Earth at the time, was overlaid on the present. He was the part of the Doctor that was in love with me. And Six, actually, it took a long time for me to realize that yeah I did still love him even after the trauma of the regeneration and personality switch. And while the affection was there, Six and Seven had a hard time showing it. Eight it came back full force and with the exception of the War Doctor - no time for love during the Time War, but I knew he still felt that way about me - it's remained ever since." She looks around at her gathered Time Lords and shrugs. "If Twelve winds up worse than Six, then some serious thinking will be in order."
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