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AL nods solemnly. "Well, the explanation that Eleven gave was that the time streams were out of sync and he couldn't retain the memory of having tried to save Gallifrey rather than burning it. And he regenerated immediately after the adventure was over - his body was wearing a bit thin, in his words - so one could chalk it up to the addition of regeneration trauma, too, sure."

"All we know about the Christmas special right now is that the Doctor returns to the site where, apparently, he dies for real. Not that I believe that for one quintillionth of a second." She shakes her head. "And there's Daleks and Cybermen and the Silence and Weeping Angels and who knows what the storyline is...We're a month away, so maybe we'll get something concrete. A paper in the UK gave out what they called spoilers, but they're not exactly a reliable source so taking what they say with a grain of salt. Apparently it's supposed to tie up some plot threads that have been pulled in Eleven's tenure. The search for Gallifrey may be Twelve's running thing. And they're not ignoring the fact that the actor's been in the series already. Apparently it's a Thing."
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