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"Well," says AL to TeenDoc, looking around to make sure the other Doctors weren't around or listening, "the Doctors kind of 'disowned' him because he was the one who essentially committed double genocide. All the Daleks but everyone on Gallifrey, too...including 2.47 billion children." She pauses a moment. "So, to them, he was not the Doctor because the Doctor would help, not hurt. The Time War had everyone fearing the Time Lords...they couldn't distinguish them from the Daleks anymore. One woman would rather die than have the Eighth Doctor, a Time Lord, help her. And she did. The War Doctor was a forced regeneration because the crash killed him, too. The War didn't need a Doctor."

She shakes herself. "But the Moment basically convinced him to Take a Third Option. Ten and Eleven originally were going to share his he wouldn't have to push the button alone." She looks down and says quietly, "I never would've let him bear that burden alone, anyway...and the other mes felt the same way." She clears her throat. "Although, luckily, they figured out that 'freeze Gallifrey' option. The problem was that the War Doctor forgot that he tried to save Gallifrey rather than burn it, so up until Eleven he still thought his world was gone. Eleven got an inclination that it had worked and is now on a mission to find where it's hidden. Might play out in the Christmas special, or not." She shrugs. "Who knows?" Hearing herself quote the 50th special, she smiles to herself.
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