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"Great!" says AL, clapping her hands. "So! Remember at Halloween when we had the discussion about crossing timelines and duplicates and all that jazz? Well, now I can answer this final time since the episode has passed."

She clears her throat and gestures to the War Doctor, who is sitting at one of the tables accepting tea from HatterDoc's roaming teapot. "That is the Doctor that came between him -- " She points at Eight. " -- and him." She points at Nine. "He's the Doctor who fought in the Time War and he comes from a point before he destroyed Gallifrey and the Daleks. The weapon he used, called The Moment, was has a conscience. She decided to show him what sort of a man he'd turn into if he pressed the button." She gestures to Eleven and Ten. "Namely, them. Three Doctors together and, due to the circumstances...three of me. In short, they changed their own history and froze Gallifrey in a moment in time, saving it and letting the Daleks annihilate themselves. But it wasn't only the three of the most epic scene ever!, it was all Thirteen of them. They were all in their TARDISes, so not in the same room...and, actually, they each had a me. Again, though, not in the same room." She's grinning really big because that scene is just.that.awesome and she steals a glance at Twelve, who is standing quietly by the snack table (HIS EYES HAVE A TWO-SECOND CAMEO!!...yeah that scene is AWESOME!!!...sorry). She composes herself, clearing her throat again. "The numbering isn't messed up because, well, the Doctor doesn't consider him the Doctor...he's more of a Warrior, but he's an incarnation, so technically Twelve over there is the Thirteenth body, which also technically means he should be the last one because Time Lords can only have thirteen lives...and Moffat has said he will be the last one but he's a troll so we won't believe anything 'til we see it on screen. And in my world, River gave him ten extra lives when she saved his life." Said archaeologist is here, chatting up Captain Jack. The alter ego may loathe her but in AL's universe she's not who she is in the real universe. Plus her parents are here, too, so...

"So in this instance I met myself also. Twice. But because of the timelines being all out of whack, the me with the War Doctor and the me with Ten didn't remember the encounter." She shrugs. "I'm very amnesia-prone, anyway, so..." She shrugs again.
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